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Love them!

I have had some of the most amazing dances in these shoes! I think they are good luck! Also very comfy and portable(condenses well).


Beautiful shoes - love! Measurements would have really helped, though - I'm an international purchaser so trial and error is expensive. They were a little too long in the toe for me, but i wasn't sure of the brand so bought bigger rather than smaller just in case. Still great to wear to gym, socially, etc but will buy smaller next time for dance.

Great shoes

Bit bigger than I expected but I just went of shoe sizing (so may not reflect a bigger make). Measurements would have really helped! Violet is darker/different tone than pictured but still nice. Otherwise great shoes!!

Black Corrida TAYGRA
Jamae Ann Sabangan
Great Dance Shoes!

Light, comfortable pair of shoes built to make movement easeful. Would recommend, especially for salsa!

Amazing shoes

Best shoes for dancing!

Beautiful and so comfortable

You don't have to choose between pain and looking good! I never thought I could dance in 3 inch heels without grimacing the whole time. These heels are magical and gorgeous. Worth every penny!

Glossy "Dance"

Super elegant shoes for any occasion!


The most comfortable flats PERIOD!


I love Taygra shoes SO much!
Super comfortable!


This is currently my favorite dance shoe. Fits like a social. Can dance on any surface. So lite and comfortable! I love them for both Salsa and Bachata!!!!

Nice and light!!!

These shoes are amazing! I can go with them all day long!

Haven't received yet

Fun Shoes

I wanted something that had a little pop but was still subtle enough for me...these are the perfect ones! They look wonderful when the sunlight hits them and wore them for my bachata dance performance

Nude "Music"
Connie L.
First Ever Dance Shoes!!

These were my first ever dance shoes and they are still as comfortable as when I first got them over a year ago! This is a wonderful shoe and goes with any outfit!

Sick kicks 😊

The shoes are not only super cute but so practical! They have lived up to all expectations and I love them! They're super comfortable to dance in, provide stability but also slide/spin. Also love how they connect with the floor, you can really feel your feet on the ground through them which is super great.

Black with Golden Dots "Painting"
Love these shoes!

Bought the black rhythm heels with gold flecks. Love them, they look great, comfortable and really well made!

Great Dance Sneakers

These are really great dance sneakers! Super light weight and comfortable and they look really stylish. I wear them to teach my dance classes and have no problem recommending them to my students that enquire about them, or where to get dance shoes.

Nude "Music"
Mindy Thielges
The best shoe fit ever right out of the box

I feel super secure in these heels for high intensity and my quick stepping and spinning in Lambada. I wore these for two hours straight during my training right after I got them and had no blisters, no pain!

Polka Dots "Dance"
Brooke Matson
Fantastic feel on the feet

I got these beauties and have been dancing in them ever since. They feel MUCH more stable than other high-end tango shoes I've tried. I have really bad bunions and flat feet, so I need something supportive and these are the ticket. My next pair will definitely be this brand, too. Plus the colors are so fun!

Black "Retro"

I own a pair of these and I absolutely loved them. The most well made dance shoes I ever bought by far. They are also incredibly classy and happy!!

Black Circles LeDal Bag
Deblin McKnight
Super Cute Bag - all the right pockets

This bag is everything! It has side pockets to carry your dance shoes and then put your regular shoes in when you switch them out. These pockets have venting (thank you product design, just brilliant). It fts my laptop, wallet, deodorant, makeup, and everything I need when planning my day. I love slinging it over my shoulder or wearing it as a backpack. The fabric itself is also soft and velvet feeling, sleek elegant design. I'm a fan all around <3 My hardest choice is what bag to pick next!

The most stylish on the dance floor!

Everytime I wear these shoes everyone asks me about them. They are super cool and compliment the most simple look! Just get them, you won´t regret it!

White "Cinema"
Joe Ferreira
Very light and flexible!

I love these shoes! I wear them every chance I get on performances or socials! They are light and so flexible,it´s easy for me to work on all my tricks and moves! The best part, they are very easy to maintain clean and shiny.

Light Pink Corrida TAYGRA
Carolina Rahima

I get so many compliments whenever I wear these shoes! They are so cute and super comfortable. I've worn dance sneakers that are not comfortable nor cute but these I can wear all day. I also love that I can wear these outside too. These are my favorite dance sneakers!

Raspberry "Painting"
Carolina Rahima

These shoes are not just beautiful but also the most comfortable heel dance shoes I own (and I have about 50 pairs!). They're my favorite for sure! They look high but you don't even feel it. I highly recommend them!